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The Industry Leading Provider For

Business Continuity & Crisis Management


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Disasters happen every day...its a fact ! 

Disasters cost business money so why suffer extra costs, loss of image and regulatory problems by being unprepared?

Companies that have management foresight will have in place procedures, and had the appropriate training,  processes and back-up facilities to survive such disasters, and manage the crisis.

Such companies are taking advantage of the consultancy services provided by Business Continuity International.

Business Continuity International are experts in the field of Business Continuity Planning Crisis Management Information Security and Disaster Recovery Planning, with many years of experience working with the banking and pharmaceutical sectors, plus many others.

Business Continuity International's unique approach to business continuity and disaster recovery planning combined with our industry experience ensure that clients have a plan they can depend on.

Business Continuity International are offering a complete Business Continuity Management solution including Vendor selection and vetting.

We have been offering BCM in Asia for the last 10 years, we have BCM Consultants all round the region:

Business Continuity International's Global Reach: BCM Consultants in Australia - BCM Consultants in China - BCM Consultants in Hong Kong - BCM Consultants in Mumbai - BCM Consultants in Japan -  BCM Consultants in Korea - BCM Consultants in Malaysia -  BCM Consultants in Manila - BCM Consultants in Singapore - BCM Consultants in Thailand

With an extensive network of Business Continuity Management ( BCM ) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) professionals to partnerships with Disaster Recovery Vendors around the world we are in a position to offer not only a more cost effective solution but a total solution!

Business Continuity International draws on years of experience and industry best practices to aid its clients to design and implement facilities, technology, plans and processes to address potential loss to their organisation thereby reducing business downtime and improving returns on investment. Simple measures that can reduce "keep it running" costs as well as measures to cross leverage resources within the organisation have resulted in significant savings on the "bottom line" as well as improving risk ratings, competitive position and time to market.

Service Offerings Include:
Crisis and Command Centre Management
Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance
Facility and IT Risk / Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
Business Impact Analysis
Recovery Strategy including Recovery Centre Design and Build
Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity Crisis and Emergency Response Plans
Full Testing Program Including Pre Testing, Hand Holding
Full Business Continuity Lifecycle Training Services Including Crisis Simulation Exercises to Pandemic Preparedness.
Information Security and Protection
Data Centre Design and Build, Operations Management, Standardization Enhancement and Migration


General enquiries: 

Contact our Senior Consultant, and Practice Lead:

Mr. Nicholas Rushton-Young MBCI CBCP BCCE MPM

Or send a general mail to:

A business Continuity Management project has three major phases.

These phases can change based on the size and complexity of an organization. Generally, Business Continuity Management projects include;

  • Phase I Pre-Planning

    Project Initiation and Management

              Risk Evaluation and Control

    Business Impact Analysis  

  • Phase II Planning                                                                                

    Developing Continuity Strategies  

    Emergency Response and Operations    

    Developing and Implementing Continuity Plans

    Phase III Post-Planning

    Awareness and Training Programs

    Maintaining and Exercising Continuity Plans

    Public Relations and Crisis Coordination

    Coordination with Public Authorities

Business Continuity International's Planning services encompasses the whole Business Continuity Framework; we have over 18 years experience in DR and BCP planning ensuring Continuity Of Operations for many companies.

Our real life disaster experienced consultants will ensure you receive on the best planning services.

Risk Assessments:

Business Continuity International will help your organisation identify and control the external and internal threats that could affect  your companies facilities and infrastructure "threats to the business". Provide a detailed report on those threats, controls / strategies needed and costs to implement.

Business Impact Analysis:

Business Continuity International will identify the impacts on your business by running your business critical functions through a series of disaster simulations enabling quantification of such impacts. Identify time-critical functions, their recovery priorities, and inter-dependencies so that recovery time objectives can be set.

Business Continuity Strategies:

Business Continuity International will determine and guide you through the selection of possible business operating strategies for continuation of business critical functions within the recovery point objective and recovery time objectives ensuring a safe and correctly executed recovery at an alternate site (recovery centre), ensuring continuation of the organisationís business critical functions. Business Continuity International builds People Recovery, Disaster Recovery and Command Centres to surpass your expectations in quality and solutioning.

Business Continuity Planning:

Business Continuity International will working with your departments construct, maintain and exercise your continuity plans; including Crisis Management and Emergency Response and Command Centre Operations plans.


Business Continuity International Pre-plan and co-ordinate plan exercises, and evaluate and document plan exercise results. Develop processes to maintain the currency of continuity capabilities and the plan document in accordance with the organisationís strategic direction. Verify that the Plan will prove effective by comparison with a suitable standard, and report results in a clear and concise manner.

Business Continuity Training:

Business Continuity International provides BCP training based on the Ten Key Elements:











Business Continuity Training:

Business Continuity Training

Emergency Response Training

Crisis Management Plan Training

Disaster Recovery Plan Training

Emergency Operations Centre Training

Plan Services Include:

Business Continuity Plan (BCP Plan)

Emergency Response Plan (ERP Plan)

Crisis Management Plan (CMP Plan)

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP Plan)

Emergency Operations Centre Plan (EOCP) or Command Centre Planning

Pandemic Plan


Need BCM Training take a look at our training site:    Click on the speaker ->


Business Continuity International Build Capabilities:

  Through years of service delivery Business Continuity International can provide complete location and construction guidance on all builds, whether you are looking for a new build, internal solution or relocation.

Builds include:- People Recovery Centres-Disaster Recovery Centres-Command Centres.

The following builds have been implemented by  Business Continuity International

 BCP Vendors Singapore-DR Vendors Singapore

 Command Centres                                                                  Hot Sites



 Cold Sites                                                                  Data Centres



 Front Office                                                                   Back Office



Tape back up and off site storage                                                  Back up power



Terrorist Attack / Water damage / fire / theft:    

Who reports to who 

Who will conduct the damage assessment  

Who are the Incident Response Team what will they do  

Who are the Crisis Management Team  

Who is overseeing the salvage and restoration process  

Where do you go 

What do you do 

  BBC / CNN grab you for your an interview, your company building is burning behind you, what should you say, should you be saying it?


                         Salvage and Restoration                                     Got it under control ?

         business continuity certified professional                         


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Through Business Continuity International's mentoring services we will work with your company's management team, to facilitate the assembly, auditing and testing of  plans. We will train the personnel who will be tasked with managing the recovery effort.

 In fact should your organization require a totally outsourced business continuity management program, Business Continuity International's can help provide the right  solution, including vendor selection.

Business Continuity International's can also help steer the corporate towards regulatory compliance success, help resolve regulatory issues that may be holding you back. 


Prevention addresses the positioning of those measures and activities that will lessen the possibility or the impact of an adverse incident occurring in your organization. The primary goals and objectives of the Prevention phase of a business continuity program are to protect the organization's assets and to manage risk.

Response is the reaction to an incident or emergency to assess the damage or impact and to ascertain the level of containment and control activity required. In addition to addressing matters of life safety, Response also addresses the policies, procedures and actions to be followed in the event of an emergency.

Resumption refers to the process of planning for and/or implementing the resumption of only the most time-sensitive business operations immediately following a disaster.

Recovery is the process of planning for and/or implementing expanded operations to address less time-sensitive business operations immediately following an interruption or disaster.   

Restoration is the process of planning for and  implementing procedures for the repair or relocation of the primary site and its contents, and  for the restoration of normal operations at the primary site.

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