About Business Continuity International

Lat us manage you Business Continuity Crisis Management program for you: We have been providing Business Continuity Crisis Management guidance on assessments, planning and implementation since 1997 to a variety of oranisations.

Providing : Risk Assessments, Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity Plan Development including BCP Plans, ITDR Plans, Health and Safety, Crisis Management to pandemic plans, ISO22301 Implementations, Bench Marking, Training, Maintenance, Crisis Stimulation Excercises, TTX.

Business Continuity International also provides service delivery of new data centres, Back Office and Front Office position, Reuters, Bloomberg, Dealer boards, through to Gensets throughout the world including:

London, Geneva, Paris, Madrid, New York, Asia, and the Middle East.

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Positions held include

  • Global Head of Business Continuity Crisis Management
  • Head of the Emergency Operations Centre ( EOC )
  • Head of the Incident Response Team ( IRT )
  • Loss Prevention Team Leader ( LPT )
  • Fellow of the Institute for Business Continuity Management
  • Member of the Business Continuity Institute
  • Certified Business Continuity Professional
  • Survive group Corporate membership
  • Member of the British Computer Society