History and Services

Since we started the business in 1997 providing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services primarily recovering large corporates from terrorist attacks, to building global, hardened, recovery facilities, and providing Business Continuity Crisis Management solutions such as assessments, training, plans, & testing as part of our professional services portfolio. We have helped more than 7,000 people from over 2000 organisations recover, plan, and transform their resiliency, and risk profile to be better placed to continue business should an incident occur.  

We work with businesses from all sectors, including finance, manufacturing, telco`s, governments, law firms, to media, consultancies, universities, charities, pharmaceutical to retail sector, and single departments. We also provide on call 365 rapid response services where we will be called into your command centre to support you through a crisis.

As a professional services provider our focus is on quality of work and fostering long term relationships through honesty, and being transparent, along with a little hand holding, and of course a key deliverable is always mind share. 

Let Business Continuity International manage your program for you, we can take the pain, and stress away so you can focus on your core activities.



Live relocation excercices, to seminars, and training



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National University Singapore; Student Thesis Crisis Management


Mumbai Computer Society

Business Continuity Crisis Management Service Portfolio

Assessement Services
  • ISO22301 & BS Pre Audit & Benchmarking, documentation to folder structuring, certification
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Plan Health Check
  • Readiness Assessment & GAP
  • Best Practice Benchmarking
  • Risk Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Facility / Infrastructure Assessment
  • Geographical / Political Assessment
Training Services
  • Emergency Response Training
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Desktop Exercises (TTX)
  • Live Relocation Exercises
  • Business Continuity Training
  • Disaster Recovery Training
  • Emergency Operations Centre Training
  • Media Response
Plan Servivces
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Emergency Operations Centre Planning
  • Pandemic Planning
Testing & Maintenance Services
  • Official Observer
  • Auditing
  • Disaster-Crisis Simulation Facilitator
  • Testing Maintenance Program
  • Business Continuity go-live testing